How to Write The Perfect Scholarship Essay

Want to know how to make $100-$5000+ an hour?!

Although that may seem impossible, it’s far from it. The trick? Writing an amazing scholarship essay!

Why apply for scholarships

Some people blow by scholarships thinking “it is only a few hundred or few thousand dollars, what is that in the big scheme of things?”

But, take a minute to think about it. Say it takes you an hour to write a scholarship essay for a scholarship worth $500. If you are successful and receive that scholarship you just made $500 in 1 hour!

Yes, I know that you likely won’t get every scholarship you apply for, but still, the return on investment for applying for scholarships is very high.

This makes the process of searching for applications, gathering information, and writing those darn scholarships essays SO worth it!

The best way to not become a statistic in the student loan debt crisis is by minimizing the amount of debt you have to take on in whatever way possible.

Trust me, paying off student loans really sucks!

Having a college degree can be necessary for a lot of jobs, and if you are looking for tips on writing a scholarship essay, chances are you need to pursue a higher education to achieve your goals.

But unfortunately, like so many others, you are most certainly being hit with the “how the heck can I afford this” fear.

Some students are able to work part-time (or full time if you are really crazy good at time management and not sleeping) in order to help cover the cost of tuition. Having a side gig in college can be a great thing. (I babysat and taught Spanish lessons all throughout college to help offset the cost of tuition.)
Why Apply? Consider Return on Investment

But the thing is, having a side gig isn’t always possible. And besides, if someone wanted to pay you say, $1,000 for an hour of writing wouldn’t you jump at that opportunity rather than babysit for 100 HOURS to make the same amount (assuming pay of $10/hour).

Receiving scholarships goes a LONG way towards paying for college. You wanna know something cool? Over the course of my undergraduate and graduate studies (6 YEARS of school), I received over $100,000 in scholarships and grants! Talk about a good return on investment for my time!

If you are just dying to know how to increase your chances of receiving a scholarship by writing and AMAZING essay, keep reading. I am about to walk you through the step by step process that I used to make my essays stand out from the rest.

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