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12 Secrets to Winning Scholarships

It is no secret that scholarships are among the best ways to finance a college education. Hundreds of scholarships become available each day and millions of dollars are available for students. Maybe even billions! Unfortunately, countless college students don’t take advantage of these wonderful opportunities leading to increased student debt.

There are several reasons why students choose to not apply for scholarships. Many do not know these great opportunities exist, some don’t know where to look, while others believe the countless scholarship myths out there. On the other hand, there are many individuals that are applying but are still not winning scholarships. Whichever category you fit into, these scholarship tips will help you on the path to reaching your goals.

Personally, I have been using these scholarship tips for years and have been able to finance nearly all of my college education and study abroad experience with them! I have also taught these tips to many other students who have found similar scholarship success. But I must admit, I didn’t come up with these secrets on my own. Over the years, I have attended numerous scholarship workshops, interviewed scholarship and financial experts, and have spoken with various scholarship committees.

The Good News

There are countless scholarships out there. And I mean countless! There are so many amazing people out there who want to give back to their community through scholarship donations. Even better, companies want to give out scholarships to students, they are tax deductible and incredibly good for the companies image. Large companies such as Coco Cola, McDonalds, Dell and so many more are leading the way with scholarship opportunities.

So what does that mean? It means that there so many great opportunities out there for you to increase your chances of winning scholarships.

However, because there are so many scholarships out there, how do you choose which to apply for? And how can you distinguish yourself from all of the other applicants? Let’s get started, shall we? 12 Secrets for Scholarship Success.

1. Set a Goal

First thing’s first. Before you even begin your scholarship process, you need to start with the end in mind. If you are going to take your scholarship applications seriously, you need to approach them as a professional project. With every successful project, you should have a goal and a deadline. To set your goal, decide how much scholarship money you will be needing. You will then use this value to figure out how many scholarships you will need to apply for this year.

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