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Thrown Out For Being “Old & Useless,” He Balled Up In Ditch As Frostbite Set In

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In Missouri, there was a mailman named Nate Ohlman. He delivered mail to houses along his mail route in the city of Saint Louis.

One day, as he was delivering mail to houses on a dead-end street, he noticed a very old and skinny dog curled up like a ball inside of a ditch. Since it was wintertime, the temperature was freezing outside. The dog could not find any place to stay warm, which was apparent to Johnson as he watched him. Johnson’s heart just melted in agony and sadness. He couldn’t stand seeing this dog suffer like that.

In an attempt to help the dog, Ohlman made his way down into the ditch. He approached the dog and spoke to him, but the dog did not look at him nor respond to his words. The dog was frostbitten, hungry, and appeared to have trouble hearing and seeing. It took about a minute for the dog to finally look over and notice Ohlman. Once he did, the dog immediately got up and ran quickly to his mail truck.

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