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9 Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners

9 Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners – Let’s begin by understanding your body is perfection. Yes, no matter what you think it’s perfect. each single cell works together in synchronicity allowing you to be healthy and perform your everyday activities and training.

Do you have any idea of all the cells that are working together in order for you to read this article or something as simple as the process of breathing? Your body is unbelievable, but in order to stay in top shape it needs your help.

Your dream body is closer than you guess with a combination of nutrition and hard work.

But in this article we’ll take it a notch further, we not only want a great body, we also want to be at the top of our game. Take that ideal body to the next level, the ultimate level.

We will go through several steps in this article to learn how to turn your body into the ultimate performance machine.

Here are 9 Quick Bodybuilding Tips That Will Get You Faster Results:

Train to be Perfect

“Success is no coincidence. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”  Pele

No matter what you are striving to be good at in life, it will require dedication and hard work. Anything you want to achieve can be achieved; it all comes down to how bad you want it, and how hard you are willing to work to get there.

Look at those bodies you admire so much, stop and ask yourself, how did they get there? Can you actually buy yourself a nice six pack at the store, or can someone gift you some amazing biceps for your birthday?

They all have one thing in common, they have worked out for hundreds of hours at a high level of intensity.  That is their big secret, they worked a lot harder than anyone else.

If you want to be excellent in anything in life, it’s going to involve persistently pushing past your comfort zone, as well as frustration, struggle, obstacles and disappointments. This is true as long as you want to continue to advance and sustain a high level of excellence.

The reward is being in the best shape of your life through hard work and that can be incredibly satisfying.

You will gain so much from hard work. Your self-esteem will soar and physical capabilities will increase dramatically. Remember in life and in sports nothing is ever handed to you, everything must be earned.

Quality over quantity

An important concept to consider in training is not always volume, but the quality in that volume. Instead of wasting time and energy be efficient with your time. Make sure you are working toward your set goals and objectives. Each workout should a step forward, a superior workout.

In order to achieve a superior workout you must have a smart workout. A smart workout would be a training session in which every exercise is done with the purpose to improve. Training efficiently and effectively, not with the purpose pass time and wear yourself down.

A single hour of workout at the highest intensity will be of more value than 3 hours at a half effort. Any athlete will benefit more from a short, concentrated practice with purpose, than on long practices simply wasting time, money and energy.

Best time to train

It’s actually best to switch the times of the workout. Bio-rhythms are unique for each individual and this may improve your results and the way you train.  Some individuals produce more cortisol in the morning other individuals simple do not like to wake up early and have the highest energy levels at night. Do what works best for you.


Confidence is the belief an individual has in them about their ability to execute a specific task successfully in order to achieve a positive outcome. This is the key factor between effective and ineffective performance.

Confidence is not consistent and is based on various situations and outcomes. After a positive outcome or win, confidence automatically increases.

Confidence has a place in the past and in the future. Past outcomes will affect my future confidence.  If I have done the same thing 3 times and been successful each time, I will automatically have confidence for the fourth time.

In the event of a negative outcome or loss, confidence automatically decreases. But confidence doesn’t always have to be this volatile. You can help yourself become confident on a consistent basis.

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