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35 Unique Facts About Animals

35 Unique Facts About Animals – Did you know that King Cobras spit poison on their prey to paralyze them? Or that when whale calves are born, they weigh 2,000 pounds? Or that needlefish can leap out of the water at 60 km per hour? Learn all of this and more in 35 Amazing Animal Facts!

1- Aardvarks have five toes on their feet that they can use to dig for food and water.

2- Keas (a large species of parrot) have the ability to survive in very harsh environments. They live in the high altitudes of the mountains in New Zealand.

3- The Aidi (dog breed) used to live and work in the Atlas Mountains surrounding Morocco, but are not considered sheep dogs.

4- Bumblebees produce more than just honey. They also help spread pollen from flower to flower.

5- Bobcats have the ability to survive in different types of environments because of their thick fur.

6- Canary were brought to Europe by some Spanish sailors who wanted to trade for various spices and materials.

7- Caterpillars consume large amounts of food and are considered pests by some farmers.

8- Deer are one of the few animals that are found in all continents of the world.

9- Degu are small rodents that release a special scent that helps them identify their burrows.

10- Dolphins never sleep completely because they need to breathe and must be conscious to breathe. They instead let one side of their brain sleep at a time.

11- Donkeys serve a variety of purposes from grazing to entertainment for young children.

12- Echidnas (spiny ant eaters) use their powerful claws to burrow into the earth for food or shade.

13- Ernine, also known as Stoats, are long tailed weasels common to the European and North American region.

14- Gerbils are small rodents that were brought from the Far East to the United States to be studied for research.

15- guanas have three eyes. The third eye is located on the top of the head, and is mistaken as a scale.

16- ay Birds are found mainly in North America, especially around the eastern states of America.

17- The jumping mouse has pouches in its cheeks that allow it to help it bounce when escaping from predators.

18- elpfish are small fish that are found in Australia. They come in a wide variety of colors from red and black, to white and yellow.

19- Lambs are very young sheep. They are usually around four to five months olds.

20- Larks are known by scientists as ground birds, because they have strong hind legs and talons to scratch the earth.

21- Lemurs have been around for 60 million year, making them one of the oldest mammals still in existence.

22- Llamas were originally found in North America, but were bred and migrated to South America by humans.

23- Lobsters are sea creatures with huge claws for grasping food and protection. These animals have been found to weight up to 44 pounds and live up to 50 years old.

24- Macaws love to eat fruits and some vegetables. Scientists have found that the Macaws have a preference for apples and bananas.

25- Mambas are toxic, venomous snakes that can be found all over Africa.

26- Marlins are incredibly fast swimming fishes that can reach speeds of 68 miles per hour.

27- Mastiffs (a type of large dog) were used by the Romans to help in times of war with enemies.

28- Needlefish are extremely good jumpers and can leap out of the water at speeds of 40 miles per hour.

29- Nine banded Armadillo are nocturnal animals meaning they only come out during the night.

30- Northern Sea horses are one of the only fish that swim upright, while most fish swim horizontally.

31- Northern Spotted owl is a very powerful animal that can swoop down on small rodents and capture them within a blink of an eye.

32- Orangutans are smaller than gorillas and can only be found in the jungles of Indonesia.

33- Quail are very small birds that can fly extremely fast in times of danger. These birds prefer large flocks as opposed to flying alone.

34- Queen Angelfishes are extremely aggressive fish that like their own space. They will fight other fish for territory of a small fish tank.

35- Quokka is a mammal native to Australia. It is a member of the Wallaby family and uses its tail to hop along similar to its cousin the kangaroo.